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Conference interpreting

This type of interpreting requires a soundproof interpretation booth, all the necessary sound equipment for the conference (microphones, headphones, etc.) and two interpreters. The service is designed for several attendees who will listen to the interpretation in their headphones in real time.




Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting is more suitable for corporate meetings with a small group of participants, as well as audits, workshops for foreign operators, B2B meetings, and site tours (production sites, companies or institutions).The interpretation is not delivered in real time. The speaker pauses periodically and leaves the interpreter the time to interpret the speech.



Liaison interpreting

This type of interpreting is particularly suitable for trade fairs, exhibitions or negotiations with clients at a company level.

The interpreter works with a small group of people sitting at a table (usually from 2 to 5 people).

The speaker pauses regularly so that the interpreter, who is sitting next to the speaker, has time to interpret.

The same applies to client questions.

Translation and proofreading of written texts

Translating written texts is useful when you have a document that is written in a foreign language and you need a translation of it in Italian (professional documents, manuals, contracts, promotional and information material, catalogues, brochures, etc.).  

Proofreading is useful when your text has already been translated, but you need to have it reviewed before the final draft is published.


Tailor-made italian courses

Foreign language courses for Italians and Italian courses for foreigners are available in two formats:

    Direct contact tailored courses

    Tailored courses over Skype



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